[New weakness alert] Minimale Animale
Minimale Animale founded in 2010 by Cassandra Kellogg in Venice, CA.

Swimwear for the untimid doesn’t begin to cover it…
Cassandra Kellogg is a wicked stylist, an incredible swimwear designer and an absolute inspiration! She has stated that "Each unique piece is sturdy enough for surfing, but also seductive as hell."

In these photos I'm wearing "50 Year Storm" in "Wet dream print & outlaw black".

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…because everyone loves a random prezzie!

Pink Surfboard Keychain
$105 CAD
Grey Shaggy Deer Backpack
$1,795 CAD


Hotbynight x Peace Of Paradise

If you don’t have a one of a kind, custom, handmade swimsuit in your life, then look no further! I had a chance to catch up with the fabulous Brooke Hauguel founder of “Peace Of Paradise”custom made bikinis. 
In between fawning over a wide variety of fabrics and prints she was kind enough to let me do an exclusive interview!

Read on and be sure to check out https://www.etsy.com/shop/PeaceOfParadise and create your own masterpiece.

First off you're so talented & I’m loving your suits!! What made you want to get into making suits? 

I wanted to get into making swimsuits, because I felt there was a very big need out there. Everyone wants to be fashionable, especially on a budget. I personally love custom and unique pieces, and love having "one-of" pieces. Therefore, I really love going to boutiques, but they do not offer many sizes, and they are extremely expensive. I started my business, by realizing that gap needed to be bridged. 

How do you want girls to feel in your suits? 

I want them to feel like they are the wearing something that no one else will have, and that they had a hand in styling it, so it is unique, and they are able to add a bit of their own personal flare to their kin. Plus I strive to make suits that will make you feel sexy and comfortable at the same time, for a price that won't break your bank. 

Do you have a favourite fabric to work with? 

I mainly work with swimwear fabrics, which are spandex/lycra blends. But I love bright colors and funky patterns most! I think my absolute favorite fabric was this bright highlighter pink metallic swim fabric! It reminded me so much of Barbie.

How long does it take to make a custom suit? 

Processing time varies, depending on the season. The winter months are actually our busiest time, due to people going on vacations and spring break. So processing time can take as long as 8 week, but generally it is closer to 4-6 weeks. We are working on getting our processing time down though, as well as offering pre-made ready to ship items as well.

What are some suit designers / brands you love? 

I have a really great fitting kini from that Gap, that is the only other brand of swimwear I wear. Mostly due to comfort.  But my inspiration is Dolce and Gabbana, they started as swimwear designers, and I have always been drawn to their designs, photos, everything. They are my number one brand I idol…except for the tax evasion!! 

You have customers from all over the world, have you always lived in Hawaii ? 

I grew up in South Bend, Indiana, and decided I had to attend the University of Hawaii-Manoa on the island of Oahu for college. It was the best decision of my life, and I hope to never have to leave this beautiful state. I have been living in Hawaii for 6 years and counting. 

What's your favourite Hawaiian word / saying?

My favorite Hawaiian word is Puakenikeni, which is the name of my favorite flower. It is extremely fragrant, and it is sometimes used for leis. It always makes my day when I come across them. 

Any plans to travel or where's your favourite spot to travel too?

I would love to travel more, unfortunately it is extremely expensive to travel from Hawaii. But my list of destinations I am working towards going to includes Eastern Europe, Thailand, Bali, Tahiti, Tonga, and Central America. So essentially, I want to go just about everywhere. Unfortunately, I am so busy solely running my business to be able to take time off, but those are my goals of places to visit in the future.

Speed Round & Random:
Day or night ? Night
Book or magazine?  Romance books (this is where all my spare time goes to)
Dolphins or Whales? Whales
Coffee or tea? Tea, HATE coffee
Bracelet or necklace? Bracelet
Scrambled or fried? Fried
Antique or brand new? Rare antiques
Sunrise or sunset? Sunrise
Call or text? Text
Sky dive or bungee jump? Neither, i'm a chicken
Stripes or solids? Solids

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